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Working together to make Pullman an exceptional college town

Town Gown Collaborative

Pullman Residents,

Strong town-gown relationships create strength for both partners. When one partner grows and prospers, so does the other.

That’s one of the foundational principles driving the thriving partnership between Washington State University and the City of Pullman. And because of our shared belief in and commitment to that principle, we continue to be excited about the possibilities for our community as we advance the priorities outlined in our town-gown initiative.

We believe the ingredients for a productive, ongoing town-gown collaboration are solidly in place: Communicate regularly and often; recognize that the health of one partner depends on the health of the other; consider issues from the perspective of both partners; when challenges occur, face them head on—together.

Working together, the possibilities that await us are nearly endless.

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On February 4th, 2020 the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, City of Pullman and Washington State University signed a memorandum of understanding agree to work collaboratively to enhance the economic vitality of downtown Pullman and continue to work to make the city a desirable community for all.

Read more about the MOU signing by clicking here.

Photo Credit: WSU Insider

Chamber, City and WSU make a commitment to Pullman

The Town Gown Collaborative is a joint effort between the City of Pullman, Pullman Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center, & Washington State University, formed for the purpose of strengthening ties between town and gown for mutual benefit.

Committees include:

College Hill Matters, First Impressions, Connectivity/Flow, Downtown Focus, Communications


The Pullman community and Washington State University foster and maintain a strong relationship, characterized by high levels of communication and collaboration.  Utilizing shared resources, both entities work together to identify opportunities, leverage resources, and address areas of improvement.

As a result of this strong relationship, Pullman is recognized as an exceptional college town.

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