Pullman 2040

Involvement Areas


We are looking for individuals who can be involved in the following areas?



This committee focuses on the marketing of Pullman 2040.  This will involve writing, graphics, video, and social media work.



This committee focuses on securing funding (grant writing, corporate, individual, and organizational) for Pullman 2040 projects. 

Initial Projects:


Community & Identity Area

  • Community Identity: Develop and implement a community identity marketing and communications plan (CI-1)

  • Community Connections: Increase personal responsibility in and care of the Pullman community (CI-2)

  • Entrances: Improve the city’s main entrances to make a thoughtful and welcoming first impression (CI-3)

  • Wayfinding: Improve wayfinding signs for visitors, navigation, information centers, event locations and trails (CI-4) 

  • Art: Increase art in public spaces (CI-5)

  • Events: Increase the number and participation levels of community events (CI-6)

  • Downtown: Work toward a vibrant, livable and walkable downtown (CI-7)


Education & Learning Area

  • Career & Technical Training: Increase career/technical training opportunities on the Palouse (EL-1)

  • Young Professionals: Develop and implement a young professionals group (EL-2a)

  • Leadership Training: Develop and implement a leadership training program (EL-2b)


Growth & Development Area

  • Business Portal: Establish a business development portal (GD-1)

  • Business Recruitment: Recruit business and workforce relocation to Pullman (GD-2)

  • Airport: Complete airport runway and terminal upgrade (GD-3)

  • Bypass: Develop the south bypass (GD-4)

  • Broadband: Work to improve broadband coverage and access (GD-5)


Health & Safety Area

  • Food & Housing: Provide across generations adequate food and housing security (HS-1)

  • Youth Health Intervention: Improve youth early health intervention (HS-2)

  • Wellness Space: Identify and develop a community wellness and training space (HS-3)

  • Physician Residency: Develop a physician residency program (HS-4)


Recreation & Environment Area

  • Community & Youth Center: Support the City’s effort to develop a community and youth center for sports, indoor recreation, and community activities, to make physical activity accessible to residents regardless of their income or the weather. (RE-1)

  • Parks Inventory: Inventory for renewal/replacements of parks (RE-2)

  • Trails: Improve and expand existing trails and open spaces(RE-3)

  • CAP Trail: Develop the Pullman to Colfax (CAP) Trail (RE-4)