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Education & Learning

Career & Technical Training: Increase career and technical training opportunities on the Palouse.

Young Professionals: Develop and implement a young professionals group. Leadership Training: Develop and implement a leadership training program. 

Photo: Pullman School District.

SPOTLIGHT: Pullman Young Professionals

The Pullman Young Professionals program (PYP) aims to shape the future of our community by supporting the growth of young professionals based in Pullman, WA.  The program creates opportunities for young leaders to build relationships, expand their skills and advance their careers while continuing to promote and build the City of Pullman to a flourishing hub of economic development.  

PYP members listen as Pat Chun speaks at Merry Cellars.

PYP offers many benefits, including: - Peer-to-peer networking with like-minded professionals - Allows an environment of inclusive support - Career building opportunities - Personal development workshops - Assists in leadership development and brings fresh ideas into the community - Connecting young professionals with experienced mentors in Pullman - Builds a cohesive group of doers aimed at building a prosperous future for themselves, businesses and community - Fun social gatherings

"We hope by joining PYP people will see the benefit of putting roots in a community that is growing and focused on the future," said Britnee Packwood, PYP President.  "From our speakers to our networking opportunities, we hope young professionals will find involvement in PYP as the next step in committing to the Pullman Community."  

To learn more about meeting locations, membership and how to get involved visit or email  


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