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Community & Identity


Community Identity: Develop and implement a community identity marketing/communications plan. Community Connectedness: Increase personal connectedness in and care of the Pullman Community.

Entrances: Improve the city's main entrances to make a thoughtful and welcoming first impression.

Wayfinding: Improve wayfinding signs for visitors, navigation, information centers, event locations and trails.

Art: Increase art in public spaces.

Events: Increase the number and participation levels of community events.

Downtown: Work toward a vibrant, livable and walkable downtown.

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SPOTLIGHT: High Street

High Street Plaza in downtown Pullman has turned into a hub of artistic activity over this past summer.  Visitors and residents experienced weekly live music from May through October Thursday nights beginning at 6:00pm.  Musicians from around the Palouse are featured at Music on Main and provided an excellent opportunity to get downtown and explore shops, dining opportunities and make some new friends.  Find more details at

High Street has also become home to the "Wings of Washington" mural.  This mural was created as an interactive piece featuring wings from various Washington State animals and insects.  Thanks to the efforts of the City of Pullman Arts Commission, WSU Center for Civic Engagement, WSU Office of the President, WSU Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Shannon Family and the Pullman Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center for making this possible.

Pullman is creative and artistic. Photos: WSU Center for Civic Engagement


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