Community Identity: Develop and implement a community identity marketing and communications plan (CI-1)

Community Connectedness: Increase personal responsibility in and care of the Pullman community (CI-2)

Entrances: Improve the city's main entrances to make a thoughtful and welcoming first impression (CI-3)

Wayfinding: Improve wayfinding signs for visitors, navigation, information centers, event locations and trails (CI-4)

Art: Increase art in public spaces (CI-5)

Events: Increase the number and participation levels of community events (CI-6)

Downtown: Work toward a vibrant, livable and walkable downtown (CI-7)

Career & Technical Training: Increase career/technical training opportunities on the Palouse (EL-1)

Young Professionals: Develop and implement a young professionals group (EL-2a)

Leadership Training: Develop and implement a leadership training program (EL-2b)

Business Portal: Establish a business development portal (GD-1)

Business Recruitment: Recruit business and workforce relocation to Pullman (GD-2)

Airport: Complete airport runway and terminal upgrade (GD-3)

Bypass: Develop the south bypass (GD-4)

Broadband: Work to improve broadband coverage and access (GD-5)

Food & Housing: Provide across generations adequate food and housing security (HS-1)

Youth Health Intervention: Improve youth early health intervention (HS-2)

Wellness Space: Identify and develop a community wellness and training space (HS-3)

Physician Residency: Develop a physician residency program (HS-4)

Community & Youth Center: Support the City's effort to develop a community and youth center for sports, indoor recreation, and community activities, to make physical activity accessible to residents regardless of their income or the weather (RE-1)

Parks Inventory: Inventory for renewal/replacements of parks (RE-2)

Trails: Improve and expand existing trails and open spaces; improve bike and pedestrian safety (RE-3)

CAP Trail: Develop the Pullman to Colfax (CAP) Trail (RE-4)


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Recreation & Environment

Pullman Fire at National Lentil Fest

Photo Credit: Andrew Lang