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Progress Report- February 2018


We are excited to roll-out to the Pullman Community the initiatives and projects that have been identified through the first phases of Pullman 2040.  Click the link below to view more information about the five initiative areas and the initial projects:


Pullman 2040 Roll-out Brochure (Click to View)


Progress Report- January 2018

The Steering Committee has identified the initial 22 Pullman 2040 projects.  Click here to join in and be involved.


Pullman 2040 Update from Steering Committee


It has been a few months since the Pullman 2040 Taskforces submitted their recommendations to the steering committee, so we wanted to provide everyone an update.  Once again, thank you for your work on the Pullman 2040 Taskforces.  Your recommendations have been incredibly helpful to the steering committee.  The steering committee has finalizing the 2040 project list and will in the next month be working with community partners to identify the various project organizational leads and priorities.  Our expectation is to have all this in place by the first of the year and for the community rollout to be the first part of February.  


Please make sure you reserve the evening of February 13 for the Community Launch of the Pullman 2040 plan.  


While February may seem far off, there is a lot of work which needs to happen to prepare for the launch and we would appreciate your help.  We are looking for individuals who would like to help in the following areas:


Launch Event Planning

This committee works between now and February and coordinate the February 13 launch event.  If you like planning events, this committee is for you.



This committee focuses on the marketing of Pullman 2040.  This will involve writing, graphics, video, and social media work.



This committee focuses on securing funding (grant writing, corporate, individual, and organizational) for Pullman 2040 projects.  



This committee will take the Pullman 2040 process over from the steering committee and focus on the implementation of the Pullman 2040 plan. Of the four committees, this committee requires the greatest time commitment.


If you would like to be involved in one of these areas, click here for the volunteer application!


If you know of another community member who would like to be involved, please encourage them to also apply.


There will also be on December 6 a Pullman 2040 Community Partner meeting where the steering committee will be meeting with representatives from the various community partners and work to identify lead and supporting project partners.  Invitations will be going out the first of this week.  We want to include all community partners.  If you learn of anyone who we have missed, please let us know or have them contact us at pullman2040@gmail.com.


Thank you again for our efforts.  Because of you, 2040 is looking very positive for Pullman.



Francis Benjamin                                           Garren Shannon

Pullman 2040 Co-chair                                  Pullman 2040 Co-chair


Progress Report- November 2017

The Steering Committee has worked to itemize targets into action items and are seeking partners and marshaling resources. Click here to join in and can help out.


Progress Report- August 2017

The task forces completed their work and identified a list of targets for each of the focus areas.  Read the reports for the different task forces by clicking on the links below: 

Community Identity

Visual Appeal



Environment & Recreation

Economic Development


Progress Report- Summer 2017

Based upon community input, task forces were formed.  Learn more about the task forces and survey results below:

Task Force Assignments

Community Input

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